i have a slight hunchback, can i get rid of it?

dear heather,
I have a slight hunchback and it really bothers me. Is there any way I can get rid of it, or at least reduce it?
The recommended treatment will depend on what’s causing the condition. According to Dr. Karen Rosewater, there can be any number of reasons–some that involve deformities of the spine itself and others that have more to do with posture.

Many times, structural deformities of the spine are treated with a brace and physical therapy. In some cases, surgery is recommended, though surgery is usually reserved for those who have more extreme curvatures of the spine, or those who have other medical problems, such as infections that are causing the condition.

The good news is that adolescents who are still growing tend to respond well to treatment, whether it is a brace, physical therapy or surgery. In cases where the condition is progressing, the increasing curvature of the spine sometimes comes to a halt when the teen’s growing period is over. So you have a good chance of reducing the angle of your curve.

I would recommend that you consult your primary care physician, who will be able to refer you to an orthopedist (bone specialist) if necessary. Your doctor will examine you and take x-rays to determine the cause.

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  • tara

    I have a hunch. I try to sit straight all the time but then end up again with a hunch. Everyone notices my hunch and says that i look bad and my boyfriend says that he won’t marry me if i have this hunch and that i’m already a dumb. Please help me out so that i can get rid of this hunch. I can’t sit straight more then 10 minutes. What should i do? Is there any exercise for that?

    • Caroline’s Happy Hearts II

      If he feels that way about you then maybe it’s for the best that you two not marry.

  • Oh my gosh. This post helped me so much. I think I have slight curvage also, I thought I was the only one. But oh my gosh, now that I know I have a chance to figure out what's going on, I'm definitely going to try it. Thank you so much.