Nerd Dad

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  • L

    ..This comic made me cry a little.

  • Harriet

    Does your dad have Asperger’s syndrome by any chance? Because he sounds exactly like me, and that’s what I have.

  • february

    that’s my dad.
    i just need one dad-to-daugther universal translator program..
    >w< i love it.

  • Allison

    It’s the opposite for me, I’m pretty much the nerd or more along the lines of black sheep and my dad was the ultimate man of his high school days and still thinks he is (isn’t helped he’s still treated like it by middle aged waitresses and some guys my own age. I mean what in the world?! They text him!!!) I liked your comic a lot because it pointed out the things that are less favorable about your dad but still brought up his good points. You dad though sounds alike like my uncle minus the plaid shirts and he’s a forester. My dad has your dad’s temper but its more like…daily and is pretty smart so he has the tendencies to point out why your answer is stupid in comparative to his. Other than those he’s always been around and helped out so that’s a plus. I loved how easy it was to relate to your comic.

  • absolutely my dad.
    just as crazy))
    i’d say it was more true than fun))

  • marina

    that’s SO my dad. EXACTLY like that. except that he doens’t wear glasses (regularly) and he’s fairly athletic (soccer :s)
    i’m pretty scared i’m turning into him (because of the nerdiness and the lack of social skills and worst of all, the TEMPER!!!).

  • becca

    i dont have a nerd dad but my dad can be a little retarded sometimes and knows to many things about retarded stuff. but this comic was really cute.

  • lol, I am still laughing,
    k..done laughing

  • ivy

    pahaha! describes my dad perfectly…I sent it to him and he loved it 🙂

  • felice_the_cat

    somehow reminds me of someone i really don’t want to remember.
    nice comic, anyway!

  • marina

    he’s SO my dad.

  • AmorMJ

    I don’t think I want a nerd dad. LOL, mine is ok even though he’s moody and sarcastic, he’s ok really.
    Although if you think about it I am kind of a nerd… ok, so I’m smartish and love my comp LOL, but we’re all nerds from time to time.

  • bekkers

    My dad exactly
    well my dads not that nerd he’s asome but loves his computers (hates math, loves french) and blows up for like 2 fricken seconds than goes back to normal just like that!!!