how can i start giving advice like you?

dear heather,

I’m interested in the kind of work you do. I think the way you give advice to girls is great. I don’t have a specific problem, but I want to know more about how I can become an advice columnist. Currently, I’m studying child psychology and social work. How can I get into this kind of work in the future? And will studying these topics help increase my chances?

Thank you. I’m so glad you enjoy reading “Help Me Heather”. It’s been a fulfilling experience to write this column each week and I’m happy provides me with the opportunity to communicate openly and honestly with young women about their concerns.These days, there are so many avenues for communicating with girls–both in print and online. So that gives you some options as to how you might begin to explore getting your own column.

Consider whether you’d like to practice peer-counseling-type stuff now–this is when you give advice to people around your own age–or whether you want to wait until you have a little more experience under your belt.

Once you’re ready, keep an eye out for publications that already have columns and ask whether they are in the market for another writer. You never know. You may catch the editors at just the right time! You could also query publications that do not have a column to pitch (or suggest) one of your own. You may even decide you want to create a website of your own devoted to the issues faced by girls.

Either way, I think that your studies in child psychology and social work can provide a great background on which to base your writing, as can staying on top of the issues that affect young women.

And don’t forget that you can always get experience by answering the questions posted to “Advice gURL”. The question is changed weekly on the homepage, and you’ll be able to build your writing and advice giving skills.

take care,

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