i hide my southern accent so my friends don’t make fun of me

dear heather,

I have a really thick southern accent but I live in a town where a lot of the inhabitants are not locals. I have to fake my accent and hide it from everyone because they always trash the natives. Should I ignore what everyone thinks and be myself, or continue faking my accent?

I would always advocate being yourself and I’ll tell you why. Think about how much energy you spend worrying about how you’re perceived and actively trying to hide your natural way of speaking.It must be a constant task when you’re out in your town, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it impedes your ability to be real in other ways.

I know it’s hard to hear people ridiculing the locals, but it’s their own ignorance and insecurity they’re displaying when they do that.

Some people have to put others down to feel good about themselves. It has nothing to do with the worth of you or any of the other people in your town.

You know that there are all types of people in your community–they’re not the bumbling backwater folks northerners sometimes make them out to be. Remind yourself of this and see if you can find a little “southern pride.”

Trying to separate the reality of southern folks from the stereotypes may help you find the courage to be yourself.

take care,

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