why do guys get boners so easily when making out?

dear heather,
Why do guys get boners so easily when all you’re doing is making out?
Erections are simply a response to pleasurable feelings, not necessarily an indication that a guy intends to have sex.

Making out can be an exciting and sensual experience for both guys and girls. When girls get excited they usually experience swelling of the genital area–the labia (or lips) and clitoris. Her excitement just isn’t as easily detected as a guys’.

Guys’ penises, on the other hand, are in such a prominent position on the body and are so much larger than the clitoris that it’s very easy to tell when a guy is excited.

Are you annoyed because you feel pressure to “do something about it” when a guy has an erection? If so, don’t sweat it. You can simply take it as a compliment, an indication that he’s attracted to you, and leave it at that, unless you have a genuine desire to go further.

For more information on this topic, check out gURL’s fast facts on erections.

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  • lexi hernandez

    Me and my bf were kissing the other day and he got a boner and he gots a good size package. The rubbed it on me and he thought he was gonna weird me out so he pulled back but i pulled him back closer it felt so good. Is it normal for me to have these feelings? To want him to grind on me?

  • Ariel

    I love it. When we french kiss and he gets hard he would rub it agaisnt me as we makeout. Itakes me feel so good so i just pull him closer. Then he grinds one i love it.

  • donna

    I lovve giving my boyfriends erections thwn he just decieds to gp down on me !!

  • Danny

    It ussually means he wants head or wants her to jack him off thats what my ex does to me.
    Boners are not controllable it just happens just like how girls tits get all pointy when they get sexually aroused or when it is cold outside

  • Denisse

    Well my boyfriend was wearing thin sweats and I felt his boner on my thigh it felt good

  • Jaylynn

    I saw and felt my bf get a boner for the first time after we frenched kissed and then he pressed up against me and it made me feel so good inside and i was just wondering if that was normal and ok for me to feel so good inside and not b seen as a slut or Thot or hoe??!! Please respond fast thanks a lot!

  • Nisa

    For me my bf I think he is a big horn dog cuzz I feel like he only wants sex from me cuz he buggs me alot about it n when I tell him no he gets mad like what the hell u say u love me so y u getting mad cuz when he does that I think he dont n that hurts me cuz I do love him so much n we dont really do it at all like before cuz I dont let him cuz when I want to cuddle he dont want to he only wants what he wants cuz we can never do that without him trying to make a move even when im falling asleep how do I know he loves me?

  • Dan

    yo when a man has a boner doesn’t mean they want sex and they get a boner when you French kiss them because they love you and when i guy puts his boner against u means he is thinking about more than just kissing

  • Erick

    No it doesn’t mean they want to sex always… A guy cannot control when he gets a boner. It is just a reaction in his brain… It can be quit awkward for guys to get bonkers like this

  • ana

    what if they start pressing thier boner on you

  • Victoria

    Why does a guy have a boner when they french kiss?

  • Skylar matzner

    So dose it mean they want sex?

    • Oli

      Nope not at all it an erection can occur at anytime for any reason it’s just a problem guys have to live with