my parents are trying to put me on birth control, but I’m gay

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My parents are trying to put me on birth control, but I’m gay. Should I tell them?

The decision to tell your parents whether you are gay or not is a very personal one. You will have to judge the situation based on what you already know about them.What are they like? Do you think they will be accepting of you or rejecting? Do you have any clues, such as comments they have made about other gay people?

If they’ve shown a dislike for gay people in the past or heavy judgment about them, it may be extremely uncomfortable to expose yourself to your parents in this way. After all, you may have to live under their roof until you are able to support yourself.

If you decide not to tell them, let them know that you are not sexually active and that you don’t plan to be any time soon. Tell them that since the pill is not without risks and side effects, you would rather not take them.

Just so you know: Though the benefits outweigh the potential side effects and risks for many women, oral contraceptives can contribute to bloating, weight gain, depression, as well as nausea and breast tenderness (both of which usually subside after the first couple of months of use). The pill has also been linked to increased incidences of breast and cervical cancer, blood clots and cardiovascular disease.

Do some reading on the subject if you want to feel more confident when talking about it with your parents.

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