i have small, pimple-like bumps down there

dear heather,
I have these small, pimple-like bumps around my clit and on the inside of my lips (down there). I am a virgin, so I’m sure they’re not genital warts or any STI/STD, but I am really unsure of what they are. Do you know what they could be?

When you say you are a virgin, does that mean you’ve never had intercourse or you’ve never had any sex at all? Sexually transmitted diseases can be transmitted via oral sex as well. Herpes, for example, can be spread from cold sores on the lips to the labia and usually manifests as small red bumps that eventually turn into blisters and burst. If you suspect that you have been exposed to the herpes virus, see a doctor right away.That said, the bumps may be caused by a variety of other things. According to Dr. Karen Rosewater, possible causes include irritation in the area; sebaceous cysts (smooth bumps that occur just under the skin); or ingrown hairs, which you are more likely to get if you have very curly or kinky pubic hair or you shave or wax. These conditions usually go away on their own, unless an infection sets in.

Irritation can also be caused by wearing tight panties or pants or by wearing panties made of synthetic material. If you think this may be the cause, try buying looser fitting clothing and panties with cotton crotches. Also, make sure to keep the area clean and dry.

Either way, if the bumps continue to bother you, a visit to your doctor may help assuage your fears (and provide some relief).

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  • Kate

    I have exactly the same problem- I have had these bumps for a few years- I’m 16, and I’ve never even kissed a boy, so it’s definatley not an STD. I am so grateful I found someone else with the same problem! Would you reccomend going to the doctor? I’d like to, but I’m kind of shy :/