when girls have orgasms, do they also eject a liquid, like guys?

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When girls have orgasms, do they also eject a liquid, like guys?

The liquid that you’re referring to is called “female ejaculation.” Sometimes, during sexual activity or an orgasm, a clear or milky fluid is released from the urethra. This “release” can range from a trickle of fluid to a powerful, geyser-like squirt, probably as a result of sudden muscle contractions.

There hasn’t been much medical research on female ejaculation, but what we do know is that the fluid released is not pee. It’s actually similar to the liquid generated by the prostate gland in men and it appears to be created in the urethral sponge, which surrounds the female urethra (where urine is released). This “sponge” is also the location of the Grafenberg spot, or G-spot. Ejaculation in women is more likely to happen when this spot, about 1.5 to 2 inches up the front wall of the vagina, behind the bladder, is stimulated.

There’s been a lot of curiosity about female ejaculation lately, perhaps because ejaculation is seen as “visual evidence” of an orgasm. Many women are putting pressure on themselves to have ejaculations, but this won’t happen for everyone–each body is different.Thanks for asking.

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