can you get toxic shock syndrome from wearing a thong?

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I started wearing thongs in 7th grade. A few of my classmates said that they don’t wear thongs because wearing a thong can give you toxic shock syndrome. After I wore them two days in a row and slept in them (different pairs!), I woke up cold and shaky. Is it true that you can get TSS from wearing a thong?

It’s highly unlikely that your thong-wearing was the cause of your chill. Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is a very serious condition that requires medical intervention. Its symptoms include high fever (102 degrees Fahrenheit or above); a severe drop in blood pressure; vomiting and diarrhea; a sunburn-like rash on the skin, muscle ache, headache, disorientation and a bright red coloring in the eyes, throat and vagina.

According to Dr. Karen Rosewater, TSS is rare and most often the result of leaving tampons in for an extended amount of time during menstruation. This can usually be avoided by using the right-sized tampon for your menstrual flow and by changing them frequently. However, there are instances in which TSS is caused by certain kinds of skin infections, gynecological surgery or giving birth, but these cases are even rarer.

If these symptoms continue or return, I would urge you to consult a health care provider. They may be indications that another medical condition exists.

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