my guy friend spies on gurls

dear heather,

My guy friend is going on girl websites so he can use the information he gets about girls against us, like to get inside my head and stuff. I know this for sure because he talked to me about it in a non-kidding kind of way and told me he could really use these kinds of sites to confuse and trick girls and he’s telling some of his friends to do the same. I don’t know if this is really an emergency or if I’m totally overreacting, but please tell me what I can do because it just isn’t fair for guys to use girls’ problems they post on websites against them. Please help for the sake of us all.

I completely understand why this upsets you so much, especially since someone you care about is capable of such behavior. And, no, it certainly doesn’t seem fair, but there’s not much you can do about his access to this material. The information is readily available in magazines and on the Internet (just look at THIS column).Perhaps the best thing you can do is to express to him how you feel being manipulated in such a way. I hope that his relationship with you, as his friend, will help him to have some empathy for all of the other girls who might be affected by his less-than-honorable behavior.

I hope that doing your part will help you feel better.

take care,

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