should i tell my parents about my tattoo?

dear heather,

I just turned 18 this past month and as a birthday present my friends and I decided to go out together to get tattoos. At first I wasn’t sure about it, but I decided to get one. The only thing is that my parents are totally against tattoos altogether. I haven’t told them about it and I was planning not to tell them until they found out for themselves by seeing me in a bathing suit or something. Am I doing the right thing or should i just tell them now?

If you are 18, I really think it is your body and you don’t have to tell anyone. Is it really noticeable? If you have a relationship with your parents where hiding things from them makes you really upset, then you might want to consider letting them know.Or if you think that you are stressing out too much waiting for the day they will notice then you might want to get it over with and just let them know.

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