my friend said i was chubby

dear heather,
I was on the phone with a friend talking about someone and I said: “People say I look like that person” and she said “Yeah, except she is not chubby.” She meant I was chubby. I am more mad then sad because I am not chubby. I am not thin or fat but in the middle. It seems like I was just starting to think I should not put myself down for the way I look (I am not ugly or anything) and she says that. Should I be her friend still and forget about it or what?

I guess you really have to decide whether you want to stay friends with this girl based on your whole relationship and not just this one incident. I think a friendship is obviously about much more than one specific conversation. What she said was rude and unnecessary. I think you should really let your friend know that you are upset and explain why. You are smart not to put yourself down because of the way you look. Putting yourself down {although it can be hard to stay away from} is a big waste of time and has no beneficial results. So I think you need to make it clear to your friend that what she said upset you and then see how she reacts before you start to question your whole friendship.

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