i am wiccan and nobody understands

dear heather,

No one in my school likes me. They all think I’m a crazy freak. Yeah that’s right I’m a witch. It’s my religion and no one likes it including my parents. My mom practically hates me now that I’m doing witchcraft. Should I stop or keep doing what I believe in?

If you really believe in what you are doing, you should follow your beliefs.Does your mom really hate you? Does she understand what you believe in or is she jumping to conclusions? It sounds like the topic may be a really charged one between you and your parents. Maybe you need to give them a better idea of what you believe in. Sit down and talk, maybe find some books that explain what Wicca is and give them to your parents, or sit down one night and talk about the book with them.

It seems like people at school could be jumping to conclusions. You could ignore them all and remind yourself that they are probably feeding off a distorted image of what you believe in.

But if you have doubts, and feel like you want to fit in better then you may just want to decide where and how you can do that. I don’t know you, but I imagine that your religion is only one part of your life and of yourself. If you have other interests like basketball, or drama, maybe you can pursue them, and be more involved with people who may just be confused about what you are doing as a witch. Getting to know people in other situations might allow them to see you in a different light.

take care,

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  • Emmerance

    A common mistake for people to make is that they believe that witchcraft is a belief when it isn’t.
    Wicca is a belief and witchcraft is a practice. However this did help me with some issues in my life.

  • cathekitty22

    im wiccan and i understand :3 no one “popular” at my school like me and thats okay
    if people wont accept you then its there loss

  • Roze

    There is still a lot of negative stigma attached to the word “witch” and if you just go brandishing it about and telling everyone you practice the craft of the wise, expect some backlash.

    As for your mom, have to sat down and calmly explained to her what your beliefs actually are and what they mean to you? I think, if convince her you’re not going to be running around with voodoo dolls of all the people you hate in school, she’ll end up being just fine with it.

  • hi im a witch too but believe in god but understand my mom is ok with it but others in my family aren't