i am very shy and quiet

dear heather,

I am a freshman (yukkk), and I am quite shy. I find it hard to talk to most people, except people I have know for a long time, like my best buds. My parents tell me I will get over it, but I have always been very shy and quiet. I think I feel this way because I have a huge feeling of rejection among my peers. Don’t know where that feeling came from, it’s just here, and really starting to get me down. I don’t know how to get over this, I want to be able to go up to people and talk to them, but I can’t, especially guys! But, I can’t talk to a lot of girls either.

Sometimes this really gets me down, and I need to know what you think.

Being shy seems really hard. Everybody is shy at some point or in certain circumstances. I think you really have to make an effort to overcome your shyness and know that it will be worth it. Especially since it is getting you down.I asked my sister (who was pretty shy) and she said you should try to think more about the person you are speaking with and much less about yourself. Think about how interesting they are or whatever makes you want to talk to them and don’t let your own fears get in the way. You may need to pretend that you are an invisible force speaking to someone you find interesting in order to overcome your own self consciousness. Or you might just want to pick one or two people that you feel shy around and just decide to get to know them and fight the shyness because getting to know them is so worthwhile.

It is a real hard battle but I think you know this and can find the strength to fight your shyness.

take care,

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