how do you kiss with braces?

dear heather,
Well, I recently got braces and I was wondering if it is gonna make it weird or hard to kiss? And is it really true that if your bf also has braces, that you can get stuck?

I would have to say I am wondering the same thing. I wanted braces when I was in high school but never got them so I had to take a survey of various people who wore braces to best answer your question. In general it seems that the idea of braces getting stuck together is more mythical than factual.Here are 3 different experiences:

In general, I don’t think braces affect kissing at all. I had braces for 3 years and never had a kissing incident related to them.

My first kiss was when I had braces, and the guy didn’t have braces. I was self-conscious about kissing w/my braces, but after my first kiss, I got over it! It was not a problem at all. It was nice. Rather than the problem of getting stuck (if your bf has braces too), I think that more people get their lips cut. That happened to a friend of mine!

When I had braces I was highly concerned about their impact on any potential kissing.

I am happy to report that I never experienced any serious problems such as getting stuck or wounds. There was, however, a certain amount of brace-contact, which makes a sound that gives some people the chills and generally feels yucky. Also the only other problem with braces is that things can get stuck in them and if left unattended, smell bad. Attention to toothbrushing detail will help in these matters and prevent subsequent breath odor.

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