all my friends are starting to change

dear heather,
Some of my friends are starting to change.

One of my friends, Erika, ever since she started dating this guy she’s had this really big head about it and is a total snob to me and everyone else. I wanna talk to her about it but I’m afriad she’ll get an attitude and hate me for it. That’s how she is.

Then my other friend Angela has been having this major attitude towards me and some other people lately. I’ve done nothing to her, but I just dont get it. Why’s everyone changing?

People are constantly changing — whether it’s because they are growing up, because they have a new boyfriend, are starting at a different school, or because of something else that comes from inside.

Who knows what things could be making your friends change? There are so many possibilities and not all are obvious. Whatever the case, remember their behavior is probably about them and not about you.

One thing you can try with both your friends is to be honest about your feelings with them. Talk to them about what’s up. Say, “I noticed this about you and it is kind of freaking me out, and I still want to stay friends with you.” See how they respond.

If they do get an attitude with you about your feelings, it might be time to reevaluate your friendship. After all, if you can’t talk to your friends about how you feel, who can you turn to?

Talking to your friends might also give them an opportunity to tell you about stuff that has been on their mind. Angela could be giving you attitude because there is something else bothering her that she’s afraid to bring up. Starting a conversation might allow her to open up and get out some of her inner tension.

take care,

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