she has hairy underarms

dear heather,
My friend DOES NOT shave her armpits! I want to tell her indirectly that she has to, but I can’t think of a way! She is my best friend so I don’t want to hurt her feelings! I know if she knew, she would want to shave them but I don’t think she knows she is supposed to! Please help me. It would be good for me to know what to do–and her!

There really is no one right way to deal with body hair. Different people do different things. Some get rid of it as soon as it sprouts, while others let it grow out and then get rid of it.

Some people don’t ever remove it. Still other people go back and forth–shave their armpits regularly in the summer, for example, but don’t touch them once the weather gets cooler. Visible body hair is really nothing to be ashamed of, since everyone has it somewhere at some point in their life. It is all really a matter of personal preference–nothing more.

If you want to suggest something to your friend about her body hair, you might want to be direct and let her know about removal options that you recommend. Also, you could tell her why your own armpit hair bothers you, if you’re worried that she might not understand what you are implying.

If you think bringing up her armpit hair would hurt her feelings or make her feel extremely uncomfortable, you really might want to think twice about saying anything. But if you do say something, be very considerate and say it in a way that won’t make her feel awful. Here is some information about body hair, a body hair story.

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