i have no religion

dear heather,
I really need help. I don’t have a religion. That’s right, I have no official or emotional religion. I don’t feel Catholic, Jewish, Hindu, nothing. I get really uncomfortable when anyone asks me anything about god, because I seriously don’t know what god is. My parents never taught me anything about religion or anything, so I don’t know. I just tell people that I don’t have a religion, but that’s ridiculous.

Not having any religion doesn’t sound particularly ridiculous to me–not any more, at least, than having one does. While it sometimes might feel like it (religious peer pressure can be rough), there’s no law in this country that says everyone absolutely MUST HAVE a religious affiliation–having one belief, a million beliefs or having no beliefs whatsoever are all fine. Issues of faith are intensely personal and you have a lot of freedom where they are concerned; you don’t have to believe anything if you don’t want to and you don’t have to explain yourself to anyone. Simply saying that you don’t know what you believe or haven’t settled those questions yet are things you might want to consider saying to put an end to uncomfortable questions for the time being.

If you find that you want to explore the religious life, the options are always there. Most high schools offer courses in comparative religion, which you might want to look into. Talking to your friends about their experiences with various religions or going to some different types of religious services in your area could also help you figure out some things as well. There are also a number of places to look on the web to get some basic information about the many types of faith that exist in the world.

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  • pochoco

    I don't have a religion either… My family is like this as well, and it's awkward when I'm asked about god.

    When I get asked if I "know Jesus" or what church I go to, I just tell them I'm not interested in religion.

    If they are persistent, I make something up and tell them I'm Shinto. Usually works 🙂