i’m looking for other lesbians

dear heather,

I’m 15 years old, and I am a lesbian. People won’t accept me for who I am. They don’t come near me at all. I can’t find other lesbians my age who enjoy what I enjoy. Can you give me some advice?
Being gay or bisexual can feel really lonely and isolating, especially if you don’t know any other girls who feel the same way you do. People can be homophobic, and it can be really hard and scary to deal with such hateful people on your own. But there are also many people who wouldn’t give this issue a second thought–and it seems like it’s important right now to surround yourself with these types of people.There are many resources for gay and bisexual teens online–especially organizations and books where you can find and read about like-minded people.

Also, consider what already exists at your school or in your community. Some high schools have groups for gay and bisexual students, and there are often organizations that have local chapters, depending on where you live. They’re a great way to find people whose feelings and experiences are similar to yours.

You could also go online to find other people to chat or email with, but this can be tough as people aren’t always who they say they are. It’s best not to give out any personal information about yourself and to stay away from people who want to chat about things you may not be comfortable with.

Perhaps there are more lesbians or bisexual girls your age who live in your area than it might first seem, even if you don’t meet them through gay organizations or events. You could try talking about famous people who are known to be gay, or a movie with well-known gay themes in it, for example, and see how people react. If they know a lot about the subject or are really enthusiastic, it’s a possibility they might be gay or bisexual themselves–or at least familiar and comfortable with the gay world.

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