my friends think i’m weird

dear heather,

I don’t know why but no one at school is into anything I’m into. I LOVE philosophy and discussing religion, but everyone thinks that it’s freaky or boring or just too deep. I don’t mention anything at all deep to my friends anymore but they still think of me as a weirdo. Is pretending worth it?

It is really great to find things that you are truly interested in. And, at the same time, it is not uncommon for friends to have different interests than your own. Sometimes friendships are tested when people start getting interested in lots of different things. Some friends are able to stay close despite their different interests, but others are not.

It’s usually not a comfortable thing to fake being interested in something you’re not into. You shouldn’t feel that you need to censor yourself when you are around your friends but you can also find other places to discuss philosophy and religion.

It’s natural to become closer to other people who are more interested in the same things you are into. If you are in a religion or philosophy class at school, you may find more like-minded people there. You might find that your friends do want to discuss related topics if they are not labeled as philosophy or religion, since those are deep issues that actually do affect most people.

take care,

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  • Lucy

    same here but if they are relly good friends they will learn how to accept you and not see u s weird but unique like my friends.
    PS i like talking about those things too!