i don’t understand why guys masturbate in public

dear heather,

Almost all the guys in my classes put their hands down their pants during class. It is so gross! It’s not that I am looking, but everywhere you turn… One of the guys in my class has his hands down his pants touching himself! Why do guys masturbate in public?!

This is an interesting question: Why, indeed, do guys seemingly always have their hands down their pants? As an observer in high school, I suspected they were doing this for a number of reasons, ranging from making themselves comfortable to making the girls around them uncomfortable (sticking your hands down your pants is one way to turn any situation, including a school one, into an oddly sexual one). Now that I’m a bit older, I’ve also begun to think that maybe guys do this because the changes in their bodies are just as weird to them as the changes a girl goes through are to her.As I am not a man, however, all of this is pure speculation. So I went right to the source and asked some fellows just what they thought was guiding this “masturbatory” behavior. According to one man, guys may be putting their hands down their pants because “they have some sort of itch or maybe their ‘equipment’ does not feel right…with rare exception, these guys are not masturbating in public.” Another man explained, “Guys get boners in inappropriate situations. There is also maintenance (keeping the equipment in a comfortable place), which could very easily be confused with masturbation. Stuff gets in the way.” And finally, another guy says, “I think it may be a habit like nail biting is…serves no purpose but feels comforting.”

No matter what the reason for that behavior, if you find what the boys are doing makes you really uncomfortable or is really distracting, you might want to think about speaking to a teacher or school counselor about it.

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  • Autumn

    I’m 17 and a virgin(and proud of it). I have a friend who lost her virginity at 16 and confide in me that just because you have sex doesnt make you less horny if anything it does the opposite. Lose your innocence when ur ready because you’ll have you live with your decision for the rest of your life.

    • robingee

      Everyone is different; sex doesn’t “make” anyone anything. If you want to, do it. If you don’t, don’t.