i can’t afford guitar lessons

dear heather,

I REALLY want to take guitar lessons, more than anything! My parents would normally encourage it, except money is tight and they can’t afford lessons or a guitar. Should I just forget about taking lessons altogether? Or is there some way it might be possible?

It’s great that you want to buy a guitar and take some lessons. Playing music can be a fun and interesting way to express yourself–something you can enjoy for a lifetime. It’s too bad that money is tight with your family right now, but I think you’re being reasonable and responsible by not asking your parents for too much at this time.Of course, not asking for money doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to try and do what you want. Why not attempt to purchase a guitar and lessons yourself? Can you find some part-time work in your community? It might take some time to save up enough money, but it could be worth it to you.

I’d also suggest speaking to people who already play guitar in your community, or getting on the Web and doing some research into quality, affordable guitars for beginners. Hitting your local music shops could also be a good idea–they might have some helpful information or even a secondhand instrument you could buy. Putting up a “wanted: used guitar” flyer and an indication of your price range couldn’t hurt, either.

As for the lessons, a friend of the family or teacher might be willing to give you free or discounted lessons. There are also plenty of books, tapes, websites, etc. dedicated to teaching beginners how to play. Or you could study by yourself, sitting down and just practicing. It’s hard but not impossible.

In the meantime, try reading up on guitars and chord structures and the like. Where there’s a will there’s a way!

take care,

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