they don’t like me because i talk ‘white’

dear heather,

I am black and I hang around white people. I live in a mostly white town but now that I’m starting high school there’s more black people at school and they don’t like me because I hang out with white people and do white things and talk “white.” It bugs me soo much!!

That sounds really rough. Trying to figure out the social scene your first year of high school can be difficult enough without having to deal with rigid attitudes about white and black behavior.The first thing I would say is that you might find some of your black classmates warming up to you as the year goes by. If you think that’s unlikely–or don’t want to wait it out–it seems like you have two options: ignore them or make an effort to get to know them (even just one of them, even just a little bit).

As much as they don’t seem to want to get to know the real you, their ideas about your “white” behavior might have them convinced that you’re not interested in them either.

If you decide on the active approach, maybe set a couple of goals–such as having a casual conversation with someone or even just saying “hi.” Is there a group, team or club that might put you in closer touch if you joined or at least checked it out?

Meanwhile, you might want to check out some of gURL’s resources on issues like this.

take care,

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  • french3h

    Im black and I had the same problem. You dont worry about those kind of people and dont let them influence you. they are a bunch of haters and no you do not "talk white" you speak proper english. Dont let them bother you. Soon enough you will have black friends and they will love you for you u are and wont say crude and ignorant things about the way you speak. Give it some time and dont sweat it. Trust-ive been there

  • i feel the same way i went a white school, but then i moved to a black school so now they are makeing fun of me and call me an oreo:l. now they have me cussingg and my mom & dad know im better than that. but gooooooood luck 😀

    BTW im black