i’m getting hearing aids

dear heather,

I have been hard of hearing all my life. I am going into 11th grade now and getting some new in-the-canal hearing aids. I am scared to wear them next year because all of my friends since 4th grade on have known me without hearing aids and some don’t even know about it. What should I do when people make fun of me or how do you think people will act?

The only way to know how people will react to your new hearing aids is to try them out, of course, but you might be able to avoid stress at school if you find a way to feel comfortable or at least casual about them yourself.I’d suggest maybe wearing them around the house or even outside this summer and then when school starts, it might be a good idea to prepare yourself for some basic questions: Why do you wear them? How do they work? etc. Beyond that, my advice is to focus on being yourself–nothing’s changed about you, really. And the more relaxed you are about your new hearing aids, the less attention they’re likely to attract.

It sound like the new “in-the-canal” style might not be that visible to anyone but your close friends. But if someone does give you a hard time, you can always try and rise above the discomfort you may feel by joking about it or even just smiling through it.

take care,

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  • NativeChikkadee

    hey im 15 years old and your sorta lucky in my opinion

    i have hearing aids and ive had a way of dealing with them but its alright

    first of all it takes time to get used to and sometimes if people tease its not much oyu can do cause you cant conrtol your abilities and what u can and cant do

    i dont have problems with teasing but being native american and having hearing aids is even weirder alot of people think im fully deaf or i cant do some things but its funny how alot of things work out

    i can read lips watch tv with words on and i dont need headphones to listen to music (high tech hearing aids)

    if u want to know about anything that has to do with hearing aids send me an e-mail and ill get back to you as soon as i can at- beezybuzzes@hotmail.com (i made my e-mail when i was 10) lol

    • hayshell

      hi.im 17 im in junior at school.i was wondering how to have friends even u have hearing aid.i have few friens but at the same time im shy,all my friends have boyfriend and i dont why any guys havent talked to me even im so nice person.