i always forget things

dear heather,

I really need help! I always seem to forget things, even when it comes to extremely important things, like my purse for instance! Or even rollerblades! Please help, I need to get down this remembering thing.

You’re not alone. This problem is more common than you think. Most of us are suffering from stress and what I call Information Overload. Question is, is this a particularly big issue for you? Does it cause major problems? If not, there are memory tricks and strategies you might be able to use to remember things.If your memory problems impact your life in a major way, and memory strategies don’t work, it might be worth it to check in with a doctor. Karen Rosewater, a doctor of adolescent medicine, says that certain medications may cause memory loss, as well as the condition epilepsy. But forgetting things because you feel constantly distracted, or having trouble concentrating on tasks like completing your homework, may indicate an issue with an attention deficit. If this is the case, I would recommend talking to your parents and/or your school counselor about getting tested.

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